The regulars business alliance (TRBA)
Our Role
Consider us your on-demand Community Marketing Manager
80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your customers. These 20% are your repeat customers, also known as your Regulars. They are your most passionate advocates, and your biggest source of revenue, but also your most underutilized asset. Until now. TRBA build's an efficient system that empowers your Regulars (and staff) with the tools to become a high-performing marketing machine for your business. Consider us your on-demand Community Marketing Manager, or "Chief Regular Officer." Get started here!

1) TRBA trains your staff on the strategies needed to convert your regular customers (i.e. Regulars) into a continual sales force for your business.
a) We help identify the Regulars who are best suited to become your brand ambassadors.
b) We help analyze your Regulars & collect valuable data (via our questionnaire).
c) We help nurture your Regulars through customized communication (based on info provided).
d) We help incentivize and empower your Regulars to attract new customers to the store.

2) TRBA is your daily "Reminder" engine.
Every morning, we send you, your marketing manager, and your staff The Regular Reminder, an email newsletter which offers unique strategies & best practices to engage your Regulars, gleaned from the real-time experiences of merchants in our retail database. In The Regular Reminder, we include templates on how to communicate with, and nudge, your Regulars to bring new customers to your store today. Our goal is to establish a "regular" daily ritual for your staff that makes them focus on building direct & personal communication lines with your most important customers.

3) TRBA is your experimentation lab.
On a weekly basis, we help you test different strategies to attract the friends, family, and colleagues of your Regulars to the store. The goal is to help you identify which sets of incentives work best to bring in new customers. For more information see here.

4) TRBA sets up cross-promotions between your business and other businesses.
You identify which businesses you want to work with, and we will set up a cross-promotion campaign.

5) TRBA offers referral fees.
We offer $200/mo per referred business, which is valid for 6 months as long as the referred businesses continue their respective memberships. More than 5 referrals warrant recurring income for a full year on all referrals.

For more information, visit For access to our daily publication, visit The New Regular.