November 2nd, 2017
Themed Days
How assigning specific themes to your days can boost effectiveness, particularly when it comes to growing your regular customer base
Create a system for how you engage your Regulars. Themes can help.
Productivity experts say that the most effective leaders tend to assign themes to their days. This helps them approach important aspects of their professions (and lives) with more focus. For example, a CEO might reserve Monday for financial planning, Tuesday for design and branding, Wednesday for marketing and growth, and so on.

When it comes to engaging your Regulars, "theme-ing" your week may be one of the best ways to organize and systematize your outreach strategy.

The Regulars Business Association (TRBA) helps businesses identify, analyze, nurture, incentivize, and empower their Regulars to maximum effect. These action items could be broken down into themes.

Identify: What are you doing to better identify your Regulars and understand their behaviors, social circles, preferences, and feedback regarding your business? TRBA has put together a questionnaire to help you gather critical information on your Regulars. Perhaps every Monday there could be a strategy session on how you'll improve at identifying your Regulars.

Analyze: How are you synthesizing this information? It's important to know which of your Regulars have access to large groups (e.g. offices, universities, schools). It's also valuable, for example, to know where else in the community your best customers consider themselves Regulars. This intel can give you clues as to which businesses you may want to cross-promote with. "Analysis" of data on your Regulars could be Tuesday's theme.

Nurture: What are you doing to nurture your Regulars? Using the valuable information you have gleaned, how can you offer a more personalized service to you Regulars that shows you care?

Incentivize: What are you doing to regularly incentivize your Regulars to do your guerrilla marketing for you? This section can be broken down even further into mini-themes: contests, group discounts (think: "group Thursdays"), last-minute offers (e.g. Friday flash deals!), etc. Incentivization requires a lot of thinking, and the strategies will vary across different businesses and industries. How about Thursday for the incentive strategy session?

Empower: How are you empowering your Regulars? Are you letting them share a % in the new sales they help bring to the table? Are you giving them a voice in the creation of new (menu) items or products? Are you featuring them in the press, or otherwise giving them the opportunity to build social validation in their communities? Empower your Regulars, and they'll empower you. Honing in on the empowerment strategy could be your focus for Fridays.

We hope these themes (or similar ones) can help you more effectively engage your Regular customers, and convert them into a hyper-loyal sales force!

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