Updated on December 10th, 2017
Terms of Service
The Regular Lunchbox (also known as "La Lonchera Regular") is a weekly subscription lunch program designed to help members in a community save money while joining together to receive group pricing on lunches from high-quality, health-conscious local restaurants in the hyperlocal vicinty. Lunches are delivered Monday through Friday (with exceptions for Saturday deliveries, provided there is sufficient notice).

By signing up to the service, Lunchbox members agree to the following terms:

-Members may subscribe on any day of the week, but the subscription service will begin on the Monday after the day on which they subscribed. If a member subscribes on a Monday, then his or her service will commence on the following Monday.

-Members may cancel or pause their subscriptions at any moment (using a customer account that they will have created on chargebee.com when signing up), but will not be issued a refund for the current week for which they are subscribed. If a member wishes to cancel a subscription on Wednesday, then the service will still continue towards the end of the week. The customer will not be charged again for the following week which begins on Monday. For additional questions, please email munir@theregulars.com

-Menus for the week are sent on the Friday prior. Members must communicate their selection choices via email to menu@theregulars.com or for the time being via text to 213-479-4906 no later than Sunday.

-If members do not communicate their menu choices in time, they risk being given a default option, which tends to be the vegetarian one.

-The Regular Lunchbox (by Plentyy, Inc.) is not to be held legally responsible for any physical or mental illness, harm, or damage caused by participating restaurants, delivery personnel, or any other associated parties involved in the preparation, delivery, and consumption of the contents inside the lunchbox.