Onboarding Checklist
1) Hi, there! Welcome to The Regulars Business Alliance (TRBA). Please register here to get started.

2) Now identify 10 or so of your regular customers who are initially willing to join the program. You can tell them that you are launching an initiative with your top regular customers to help bring in new customers. Would they be interested in becoming your brand ambassadors? In exchange they (and the new customers they refer) will receive exclusive offers. Follow these tips when selecting your top 10 Regulars. Once they agree, your Regulars must fill out this form.

3) Great! Your new sales force is almost ready to go. But they need some fire in the belly! Decide what incentives to offer to the friends / family / colleagues of your Regulars during the first month. Also, what will your Regulars get for helping you boost sales? For guidance on strategies, see here.

4) Now that we have all this vital info, we'll be ready to to start the first month's campaign. TRBA will manage as much of this process as possible from this point forward! We want you to focus on your business so we can help you do sticky marketing (via your Regulars) in a quick and efficient manner. See more about our role from this point forward.

OK- here we go! If you have any questions, feel free to email munir@theregulars.com
This checklist is complete.
Now onto your Regulars!
Let's propose this...
You become our Regular, and we'll help you get Regulars!
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