November 13th, 2017
Regular Monday Checklist
What are you doing to engage your Regulars this week? It all starts with your Monday routine.
Monday morning is a critical time to think about how you'll be engaging your Regulars throughout the week in creative & sticky new ways.
On Monday morning, your Regulars are waking up and going through their routines. Their minds are swirling with anticipation: deadlines, dinners, coffee dates, etc. Chances are, you and your business are not on their minds. Yet!

Every week, you must compete for your Regulars' attention in sticky new ways. Consider how you (and your business) can continually breathe excitement into their existing plans and routines. Here are a few Monday morning thought exercises:

*What special offers or incentives can you extend to your Regulars when they bring office colleagues / family / friends with them to your location today? Paint a picture so they can imagine it themselves. For example: "Stop by for coffee after lunch between 2pm and 4pm. Bring a co-worker and we'll treat them to a surprise treat!" Be specific. Give your Regulars something to look forward to, and make them look good for it.

*If your business offers Wifi and/or encourages people and groups to hang out for extended periods, consider how you may enhance their working experience. Example: "Come work here. Free coffee any time week if you come in a group of three or more. We'd love to be a place where you come to work regularly. Start with Monday!"

*Group offers. Chances are that at least one of your Regulars' offices is catering lunch today (or some time this week)? Why don't you offer your Regulars a special treat or discount if they can get their office to cater? It will empower them, and it will probably lead to more large orders.

*What are you doing to engage your Regulars on a personal level in the store this week? Try to learn more about them and their routines, so that you can play a more fitting role in their lives. Have them fill out this questionnaire.

Happy Monday!

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