November 1st, 2017
Mining Your Regulars
How a "bespoke" understanding of each of your Regulars, combined with consistent engagement, can deliver outsized returns to your business
Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, and George Bush in the 1992 presidential debates
Bill Clinton had nearly sealed his victory for the presidency in 1992 when he demonstrated on national television that he could connect with the average American voter (far surpassing his contenders). In one of the famous debates, he walked straight up to a lady in the crowd who had asked how the national debt affected his life personally. Here's an excerpt from his response:

"I have seen what's happened in these last four years when — in my state, when people lose their jobs there's a good chance I'll know them by their names. When a factory closes, I know the people who ran it. When the businesses go bankrupt, I know them...And I've been out here for 13 months meeting in meetings just like this ever since October, with people like you all over America, people that have lost their jobs, lost their livelihood, lost their health insurance."

This rare personal touch demonstrates political mastery on so many levels. It's also instructive to anyone building a business or brand.

Giving your Regulars "bespoke" personal treament makes all the difference. If you remember their names, their (dietary) preferences, where they work, and perhaps even some information about their family and friends, not only will your Regulars start to think of you more often, but they will become psychologically attached to you. They will want to invite more friends, colleagues, and family to your place, not just to purchase your goods or services, but to see you! Also, when your Regulars are seen as knowing the business owner, it also gives them that "feel good" social validation among their friends and family. This continued engagement will grant you further opportunities to engage your Regulars, and the people close to them, on an even deeper level. It's a prosperous cycle.

That said, we know you're blindingly busy with running a business. So one thing you could do is mine you Regulars for valuable information, one at a time. Aim for one Regular per day.

Southbank Centre Food Market in London, UK
Ask what keeps your Regulars coming back. What would they improve about your business?
Keep a notebook. Or use our app to remind yourself to engage your Regulars on multiple channels.

Ask your Regulars where else they are Regulars. What do they like to do in their free time? Are they (or their friends / family members) creative professionals? Business owners perhaps? Maybe they have their own Regulars, which opens up significant opportunities to cross-promote.

Ask what keeps your Regulars coming back. What would they improve about your business?

The Regulars Business Alliance (TRBA) can help you streamline this process. Take a look at the form we have our busineses fill out. The goal? Building a more solid forcefield of Regulars that can help you grow your bottom line! With the personal touch, of course. ;)

Chapel Street in Prahan, Australia
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