November 15th, 2017
The Regular Lunchbox
Leveraging the power of lunch to improve the work day & grow the local economy
Local vendors would benefit greatly from regular group orders that all originate from within a 3 to 4-block radius
What's the common denominator of every local business (and resident) on the block? Lunch. Everyone needs to eat. But lunch can be a hassle, especially for small businesses with a limited number of employees. Too many business owners complain that the stress of lunch creates an unnecessary cognitive load that hampers productivity. "Where should I go? And when? How much should I spend? How long will it take? Is it too late for lunch at this point? Not that place again...the line is too long, the food's greasy, and I was there yesterday."

When it comes to the lunch routine, convenience is key. Think Less. Spend Less. Do less. Get more. Imagine a way for local business owners and their staff to get delivered eye-poppingly low-priced, healthy lunches, sourced from local restaurants just a few blocks away. Every day something different. We choose. You relax. Call it The Regular Lunchbox. Each meal costs slightly more than a StarbucksĀ® Venti Mocha Frappuccino.

Depending on the city or neighborhood, businesses subscribe for, say, $35 per week (i.e. $6/lunch + $1 delivery for 5 weekdays) per employee. Each lunch is valued at $8-$12. The week before, we send out food options for the following week, and our members make their choices. We understand that some employees prefer the freedom of bringing their own lunches or leaving the office for a lunch break every now and then. This is understandable. But having at least a few Regular Lunchboxes arrive on location every day is a no-brainer for business owners wanting the effortless convenience of a low-cost healthy lunch on hand for their employees. And even if some decide to do their own thing for lunch, the box still provides momentary salvation to those workers who inevitably get hungry for a snack in the late afternoon, or need refueling while staying in late at the office. "We have too much fresh, healthy food lying around" said no employee ever!

And it's not just the meals. Inside the boxes, we include refreshments, last-minute offers from local businesses, contests, and surprise goodies that make for a delightful user experience. We want to nudge our lunchboxers to contribute more of their purchasing power to the neighborhood economy. In this way, lunch can serve as a gateway to increased local spending.

Los Angeles, CA
birthplace of The Regulars
The goal? To improve the productivity, health & savings of local workers, while injecting large sums of capital into the neighborhood economy. Regularly!
With enough businesses in the hyperlocal vicinity signed up, The Regulars can negotiate bulk order pricing with nearby vendors. Through us, a restaurant can receive 100+ lunch orders at a time (and eventually much more). We ask them for a good deal on the lunches, with coupons that will incent our lunchboxers to come back for more (and possibly become Regulars!).

Food vendors may bid in advance to provide the lunchboxes for one or more days of the week. Additionally, sponsors and advertisers can rent "real estate" in the boxes. The lunchboxers are, after all, a regular captive audience (two hungry, focused eyeballs for each box!).

Due to the distances between the participating businesses and their respective hyperlocal vendors, box items will differ by neighborhood. A menu option for a Regular Lunchboxer in Koreatown, for example, will look different than for one in East LA, a few miles away.

The ultimate goal? To improve the productivity, health, and savings of local workers, while injecting large amounts of capital into the neighborhood economy on a regular basis. Oh, and there's the hope that our Regular Lunchboxers will also become regular customers at some of the participating food vendors. Naturally!

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