The regulars business alliance (TRBA)
Incentives Guideline
Here we help you think about the various ways to incentivize your Regulars, as well as the new customers they refer to you
The Regulars operates like a lab. Month by month, we help businesses like yours experiment with a wide variety of sticky incentive strategies. There are two parties in question:

1) New Customers: When your Regulars refer their friends, colleagues, and family members to your business, you'll want to offer a hook. Each month this hook can change; over time, you'll be able to learn what incentives work best. Initially, though, it could be a discount on the first purchase, a "buy one, get one free" offer, and/or a group deal. If your Regulars bring in three or more people at a time, maybe everyone receives a specific discount, or even a free product. Restaurants or bakeries may provide secret items to all the friends/family/colleagues of their appointed Regulars (this way you don't have to necessarily provide discounts). Think about what new customer hook will be for your first month. It should be something that makes it easy for your Regulars to get people to show up at your store (ideally in large groups versus individually!).

2) Your Regulars: Your Regulars are your brand ambassadors. You'll want to treat them very well, and encourage them to continually mine their networks. One way to do this is to create milestones, so that everyone has a clear goal in mind. You might say: "We want to reach $10k in additional sales this month. If we reach that figure, then you'll all get 'x'". For the first month, you may decide to share 10% or 20% of the new sales with your 10 chosen Regulars, either in the form of cash, or store credit. If they reach certain mini-milestones on a weekly basis, you may offer them free stuff, too. Make sure to keep it simple. Your Regulars should have a realistic numerical goal in mind, and should have a good idea of what they can receive once that goal is met by the end of the week/month.