October 31st, 2017
Creatives & Local Businesses
How the "Creative Society" can get involved in boosting the neighborhood economy through symbiotic partnerships with local businesses
Mural art in San Francisco
Creative professionals and community leaders have important roles to play in boosting the economic vibrancy of local businesses in their communities. Similarly, local business owners have a vested interest in the growth of their regular customer base, so are interested in connecting with local influencers who can bring along their own fans, customers, and supporters to their respective locations. Call it a symbiotic "B2B" relationship: from creative professional to local business owner.

This concept of local establishments cross-promoting with independent professionals is not new. It's the reason you see the savvier coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and other retail establishments hosting musicians, artists (and their work), not to mention community leaders who can attract decent crowds.

Imagine, though, if there were an efficient system for making symbiotic partnerships happen on a regular basis. How useful it could be, for example, if the owner of Silk Coffee could track how many new regular customers she could convert by engaging in a partnership with Javier, the musician, Joanna, the climate change activist, or Bernadette, the popup artist. And vice versa: how many customers at Nick's Café would convert to become Javier's regular fans? The operative phrase of such a partnership could be: "Let's have my Regulars become your Regulars."

Open mic night at Tribal Café in Downtown LA
Let's have my Regulars become your Regulars.
The truth is, all artists and entrepreneurs are trying to make it. Including brick-and-mortar businesses.

What better way for creative professionals to showcase their work than with the stamp of legitimacy from a local business? And what better way for a local business to attract more regular customers than by hosting these courageous creators and their die-hard Regulars on a continual basis? Live events and community gatherings could become "regular" rituals for so many more businesses...

The Regulars Business Alliance (TRBA) actively seeks the partnership of creative professionals from all walks of life who want to get involved in helping to incentivize, train, and manage the regular customers of local establishments that they want to partner with. By doing this, they would be positioning themselves for unique partnerships that could boost their own marketing exposure.

If you're a local creator, and are interested in partnering with local businesses in our TRBA network, fill out this form. The Regulars is here to help you make it, one Regular at a time.

Bernadette, a popup artist from San Francisco
Let's propose this...
You become our Regular, and we'll help you get Regulars!
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